an agenda for action

equal pay for equal work

Fighting The Gender Pay Gap

Despite legislative regulations clearly stipulating that employees are entitled to equal pay for doing work of equal value irrespective of race or gender, most women are still being paid less than their male counterparts yet they do the same work. The time is NOW for the correction of this historical and global injustice.

As Equal Pay Africa, our agenda is to mobilise for the closure of the gender pay gap through advocacy, media campaigns, empowerment of women through workshops and engaging policy makers.


To drive employers’ compliance to the Employment Equity Act through various initiatives.


Every woman deserves to be paid fairly, treated equally and the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.


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Pro-Equal Pay Campaigns

Our core work is focused on raising the much needed awareness on and fighting the unfair discrepancies in salaries between men and women doing the same work.

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Conferences & Workshops

Knowledge is Power. We host thought leadership events aimed at empowering HR decision makers with the latest ideas, data insights and technology. Our speaker panel is made up of local and international experts.

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Diversity & Inclusion Training

We provide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultancy and training to both corporates and Government institutions. Our programmes focus on the achievement of tangible results.

Strategic Partnerships

We always welcome both individuals and organisations who are keen to be agents to join us. Feel free to contact us and learn how you can make a difference. Lead the change through our diverse ecosystem.


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