We are a full-service diversity and inclusion (D&I) consulting firm

We partner with clients to design comprehensive, data-driven DE&I strategies that consider the entire employee experience. We uncover barriers to DE&I throughout your organization and help you streamline, structure, and prioritize your efforts.

Effective DE&I programmes require change at structural and systemic levels:

Where should your organisation focus?

Where are your biggest gaps?

How do you create an effective strategy?

How do you engage your employees?

Doxa Consulting provides strategic consulting on a number of topics but not limited to:

  • Strategy Review
  • Comprehensive D&I strategy
  • D& I Infrastructure
  • D&I Integration
  • Assessment
  • Measurement
  • Hiring Strategy
  • D&I Communication/ Positioning
  • D&I Crisis Management
  • D&I Interventions

“Organizations with inclusive cultures are 6 times more likely to be innovative, 2 times more likely to meet or exceed financial targets, and 6 times more likely to anticipate change and respond effectively.” Bersin, High-Impact Diversity and Inclusion

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