Companies are the key focus of this diversity awareness campaign and it is expected that they will take undertake activities and programmes that will create awareness and build knowledge around diversity and inclusion. The following are suggested activities but companies can roll out their own as long as they are aligned to the achievement of the Diversity Awareness Month

Suggested Activities

1. Activity Title: Appreciate Diversity Logo Contest

Description: Sponsor a contest to design an Appreciate Diversity logo for your organization.
This logo could appear on buttons, t-shirts, or stickers. Provide prizes for the
top winners.

Connection Activity: Encourage team thinking and submissions.

2. Activity Title: Cross-Cultural Movie Reviews

Description: Have individuals of varying cultures see a popular mainstream movie or
movies of different cultures as a group and have them write their own personal
reviews. Post reviews on your company website, other diversity websites

Connection Activity: Compare and contrast the viewpoints between individuals and explore how each person’s culture influences their opinions and view of situations portrayed
in the film. Encourage local press to write reviews with do the same.

3. Activity Title: Learn a Folk Dance

Description: Have a professional ethnic dancer come to your organization to demonstrate a
particular type of folk dancing or take a class or check out a video/DVD from
your library to learn dances such as Hawaiian hula, African healing, Russian
folk, or others like belly dancing, flamenco, reels, or clog dancing.

Connection Activity: Get a group of friends or coworkers to take a class together for added fun.Ask local dance experts, employees, or students to demonstrate folk dances
during events at your organization. Encourage them to teach audience
members basic movements or steps of a particular dance.

4. Activity Title: Corporate Diversity Programs

Description: Integrate Appreciate Diversity Month conversations and activities into training programs related to diversity.

Connection Activity: Encourage Diversity Councils to sponsor events regularly as part of a
corporate initiative. Build in conversations of connection in formal programs,
including new employee orientations.

5. Activity Title: Group Vision Statement

Description: Create a group vision statement for Appreciate Diversity Month. Provide sticky
notes, pens, and a blank wall for people to add their ideas, words, and
phrases. At the end of the month, compile the ideas into one statement or a
comprehensive list. Post or circulate.

Connection Activity: Get group input, feedback, and consensus in the creation of the statement.

You are also free to add other items you feel can unlock value within your company.