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Less Money For Equal Work

Women are being paid less money for doing the same work or for work of equal value as men.

The discrimination is global

Women are bearing the brunt of salary discrimination globally. They are being paid 26% less than male colleagues.

The magnitude of the inequalities

Women have to work for 50 years to make what men earn in 40 years. Put differently, they have to work 3 extra months to earn what men earn in a year.

Change is slow in coming

At the rate of current change, it will take approximately 70 years for the salary gap to be closed. This is unacceptable as women lose between R900 000 – R1.5 million in a 20 year career.

Imagine you’re a little girl. You’re growing up. You practice as hard as you can, with girls, with boys. You have a dream. You fight, you work, you sacrifice to get to this stage. You work as hard as anyone you know. And then you get to this stage, and you’re told you’re not the same as a boy. Almost as good, but not quite the same. Think how devastating and demoralising that could be.

Venus Williams

Professional Tennis Player

Samira Ahmed Wins Equal Pay Case Against the BBC​

Ahmed was paid less than £500 ($653) per episode for her work on “Newswatch” while Vine received about £3,000 ($3,918) an episode for fronting “Points of View.”

UN Women is running a similar campaign. The UN initiative is known as #stoptherobbery, which is campaign that raises awareness of the gender pay gap. Globally, women only make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men for work of equal value, effectively being “robbed.” The campaign calls for equal pay and women’s economic empowerment as part of achieving full gender equality. 

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